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'An Introduction to Pyrography'
with Lionel Broome...

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Pyrography is an art form for just about everyone - male or female. You can learn to discover your innermost hidden talents as just about anyone can create wonderful works of art!

Age is no barrier either. Anyone aged 13 - 93 can successfully create pyrography works very simply and easily.

A real bonus is that you don't need to have any artistic talent either! This means you can quite easily create wonderful works of pyrography for pleasure or profit from day one!

This intriguing and creative artform will work on just about anything made of wood or leather.

Student Carol: "I wasn't too keen about taking up the pyrography challenge on the day because the subject matter was "Pansies", which I just don't like! I also had no artistic experience whatsoever, but I thoroughly enjoyed making my first pyrographic work, and I shall certainly be taking it up as a hobby from now on..."

How Do I Start?
Lionel Broome is your tutor, and on this DVD shows two new students, (one male - one female), how easy it really is to enjoy taking your first steps into the wonderful world of pyrography.

Although Lionel is not a professional tutor, his passion and knowledge of the subject, gained from over 10 years experience, really shines through and will aid any newcomer looking to take up this fascinating art form.

What Will I Learn?
This DVD provides an overview of pyrography for those contemplating taking up the art. It also shows a complete working example in progress with the two students creating their first ever pyrographic works.

As both students are totally new to Pyrography, you have a great opportunity to see them completing their first work under Lionels' guidance.

You can also follow Lionel's explanations and use an image of your own.

What you'll discover...

  Easy to follow advice...
  See it happen - from scratch...
  Learn some Pyrography secrets...
  Watch a real 'live' project evolve...
  Benefit from the hints and tips...
  See how it all comes together...
  Hear the students summary...

Videoclip HERE

Right from the very start, this DVD offers a wealth of information.

The DVD enables you to create your first pyrography work and get it right first time! It was filmed totally live and unscripted - ie: just as it happened - and it offers practical hints and tips on creating pyrography, throughout the students progress.

From that all important first step of transferring your image or subject matter to your chosen working medium, which wood is best to use and why, right through to final completion of the work - this DVD illustrates how to burn pyrography work successfully.

Student Graham: "I was surprised how easily I coped with the change of style from my normal art of watercolour painting, but it was easier than I imagined, and I enjoyed the challenge of creating work in another medium..."

Finally, it concludes by showing the students' final results from their very first effort. The two students both discuss with Lionel exactly how they felt about their very first venture into pyrography, and how successful they thought they were.

We've seen very few DVD's aimed at the complete novice so this is an ideal opportunity for you to own one NOW - or buy it as a gift!

So if you've been tempted to start Pyrography as a creative or profitable medium, why not relax and enhance your leisure time by taking up this creative art form TODAY!

See Sample Videoclip HERE

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